1. What is a “Living Trust”?

2. What should I consider before I begin?

3. What happens if I want to proceed?

4. What if I need to make changes or the tax laws change?

5. Why do I need an estate plan?

6. If I don’t create an estate plan, won’t the government provide one for me?

7. What’s the difference between having a Will and a “Living Trust”?

8. If I set up a Living Trust, can I be my own trustee?

9. Is a Living Trust valid in all states?

10. Isn’t a Living Trust only for the rich?

11. Will a Living Trust save on Estate Taxes?

12. Will my estate have to pay any Estate Taxes?

13. Will a Living Trust avoid income taxes?

14. Will a Living Trust protect my assets should I need to go into a nursing home?

15. If my estate will not have to pay any “Estate Tax”; why do I need a Living Trust?